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Request Victorian D.Va (sketch) by zookeeper02 Request Victorian D.Va (sketch) :iconzookeeper02:zookeeper02 2 1 Ninon by LeonaKV18 Ninon :iconleonakv18:LeonaKV18 2 1 10. New friend by MarcelaMorgon 10. New friend :iconmarcelamorgon:MarcelaMorgon 48 5 [RWBY] Nora and Neopolitan by azealx [RWBY] Nora and Neopolitan :iconazealx:azealx 3 1 Ange by BethNgoo0411 Ange :iconbethngoo0411:BethNgoo0411 1 3 [REQUEST] fusion~ by jambuzzed [REQUEST] fusion~ :iconjambuzzed:jambuzzed 9 3 Juvia Society by hibarikyouya4 Juvia Society :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 11 1 YGO: Spider vs. Dinosaur by Nami06 YGO: Spider vs. Dinosaur :iconnami06:Nami06 72 19 Elegant RWBY by princesspeach5 Elegant RWBY :iconprincesspeach5:princesspeach5 5 4 Rhapsody in Turquoise by CupcakeDorito Rhapsody in Turquoise :iconcupcakedorito:CupcakeDorito 17 25 9. Visit by MarcelaMorgon 9. Visit :iconmarcelamorgon:MarcelaMorgon 80 4 Vampire Tea Time (Request) by aleshakos Vampire Tea Time (Request) :iconaleshakos:aleshakos 5 14 Turquoise Elegance  by ChubbyKitten1 Turquoise Elegance :iconchubbykitten1:ChubbyKitten1 5 2 Neopolitan by HoshiNoBerry Neopolitan :iconhoshinoberry:HoshiNoBerry 6 2 [Q/A] Questions and Answers - No. 22 by RockHowardMX [Q/A] Questions and Answers - No. 22 :iconrockhowardmx:RockHowardMX 4 1 The new world by chloemerveillee The new world :iconchloemerveillee:chloemerveillee 6 3


Just finished Princess Principal, not going to lie it was pretty fun. It's pretty much Madoka Magica meets James Bond, i hope we get a season 2 of it considering there is more stuff that can be done with the series and such. Hopefully we get a season 2 of it soon. Now i guess in terms of watching stuff it will be either the original Blade Runner or A Silent Voice. From what ive seen on the net both are fab movies, question is which one will i see first either way thanks for reading my fellow watchers.
All of my watchers becareful of swhhshshshshshhshshs.deviantar… he is an art theif take warning, either way have a nice day and thanks for reading.
Attention all if ye are interested it's best to check Porusenpai's account they have great art and such. Either way thanks for reading and have a good day.
Just finished Baccano, it was pretty cool for what it was. Had a pretty cool cast so i can't really say who was my fave, they had good depth to them. Anyways got any recommandations guys? I am looking for anime that is usually around 12 episodes if not same goes for anything, either way thanks for reading and keep up the good work.
Attention all users take caution of this user
It seems he uploads hate art and spams users either way thanks for reading my status post and have a nice day.
It has been decided the next anime i will be seeing after Re:zero is Baccano. So far i am 5 episodes in so far it seems pretty fun, the original plan was see Stand Alone Complex but i wanted to see something i could complete faster.
And finished, not going to lie Re zero was pretty good, though i really hope we get a second season to flesh out the characters even more. Anyways i have decided that the following will be the next anime i see, Trigun,Berserk the 90s version,Kill la kill,Dragon meido cause and maybe FLCL.
5 episodes away from completing Rezero guys, not going to lie it is a pretty decent anime. I need to figure out what to see next, got any recommandations?
Howdy all been watchin Re:zero recently i think i got to episode 13/14? So far im enjoying it, hopefully the rest of the light novel gets adapted. I guess what helps binge watching anything is if ye are playing an RPG of sorts Birth by sleep helps at that. Thanks to playing it, ive finished Bojack season 4,Serial Experiements lain and seen the Big Lebowski either way hope the rest of the week goes well everyone.
I have decided to do a meme cause why not. I don't know where it came from but i got the meme from Rakaziro who is my new Friend on DA.

I'm afraid of:

[ ] the dark (I prefer the darkness more than the light it doesn't get distracting in the eyes. Then again it is best to watch my step)

[ ] staying single forever (I am debating if i am really scared of staying single. On one hand i would like to stay alone and live a life all by myself. But on the other i would like to get into a relationship one day i just don't know when.

[] being a parent(Tough question i am thinking of raising my own children but i don't know if i can handle it.)
[ ] giving birth (Hmm this is an odd question. But i don't think i can give birth.)
[ ] being myself in front of others (A little bit i have done speeches in the past for crows of people. And i never really felt scared while doing them.)

[ ] open spaces (More space more walking i like that.)
[ ] closed spaces (If it isn't crowded then i am alright with this.)

[/] heights (I need to work on being afraid of heights. I went Ziplining and i was a bit hesistant to get off the platforms. But later on i started to get used to it. I still need to find a way to overcome this fear but atleast it's minor thanks to the ziplining.)

[ ] dogs (Considring i own two border collies i have no fear of dogs.)
[ ] birds (If it's not the falcon's from Ninja Gaiden i have nothing to fear.)
[ ] fish (I eat them alot so being scared of them is hard.)
[ ] spiders (Spiders are as cute as moths i prefer them more than butterflies.)
[ ] flowers or other plants (Since there doesn't exist maneating plants i am not scared of them.)
Total so far:0.5
Not bad for now.

[ ] being touched (I don't get touched often so i can't really say anything about it.)
[ ] fire (I love the smell of fire that and the sound of it so i am not scared.)
[ ] deep water (Haven't been in deep water for a while. I think the best way to be in deep water is to always swim to the top.
[ ] snakes (I am not Indiana Jones that and they are cool.)
[ ] silk (Its soft to the touch how can it be scary.
[] the ocean (Not really scared of it.)
[X] failure (I am scared of failure since it weighes down my shoulders. If i fail something i can't even trust myself.)
[ ] success (I want success so how can i be scared of it.)
[ ] thunder/lightning (I like the sound of thunder especially when it's night.)
[ ] frogs/toads (Not scared of these critters. And considring i like Poliwhirl i am not scared of these things.)
[ ] girlfriend's/boyfriend's dad (Not scared of him. I don't get this kind of fear.)
[ ] girlfriend's/boyfriend's mom (Not scared of her. Same as above.)
[ ] rats (Unless they have the plague i am not scared by them.)
[/] jumping FROM high places (After Ziplining i think i am okay with jumping from high places. But i still think jumping from a huge height is pretty scary.

[ ] snow (What is there to fear from Snow. Unless it's the Final Fantasy character i am cool with snow.)
Total so far:2

[ ] rain (Love the rain i once walked into a huge rain shower and loved it.)
[ ] wind (I haven't got much to say about this.)
[ ] crossing hanging bridges (I guess it would be interesting to go on one providing to doesn't wobble everywhere.)
[] death (This is a tough question on one hand i am okay with death. But on the other i fear it.
[ ] heaven (Maybe Heaven was Horrible all along.)
[ ] being robbed (The chances of me getting robbed is impossibe.)
[] falling (Unless it's from a certain height i am okay.)
[] clowns(Let's put a smile on that face.)
[] dolls (I am not scared of these things. That and they can't move.)
[ ] large crowds of people (Sooner or later the crowd will go so i have nothing to fear about that.)
[ ] men ( I am a man myself so how can i be scared of this.)
[ ] women (I don't talk to women much but i would like to talk to more.)
[ ] having great responsibilities (I think i can handle responsiblities i just need one.)
[ ] doctors, including dentists (If they can help me out i don't need a reason to fear them.)
[ ] tornadoes (I never see any where i live but i will admit they would looke impressive.
total so far: 2

[ ] hurricanes (Same as tornades.)
[] incurable diseases (If i can cope with an incurable disease i won't fear it.)
[ ] sharks (Like Snakes they are cool and can tear things.)
[ ] Friday the 13th (Jason isn't real.)
[ ] ghosts (They don't exist not unless you use a ectoplasm tracker or something.)
[ ] poverty (I don't know if i will end up in poverty so i can't really comment.)
[ ] Halloween (This is Halloween.)
[ ] school (I don't go to school anymore.)
[ ] trains (I don't go on them alot because they are expensive. But it's best to sleep on one.)
[ ] odd numbers (Is this a fear or what.)
[ ] even numbers (Same as Odd numbers.)
[ ] becoming blind (It would be terrible if i ended up blind but i guess i could adapt to it.)
[ ] becoming deaf (same as the above.)
[] growing up (Does being almost 19 count as growing up.)
total so far: 2

[/] creepy noises in the night ( I may never know what is out there making that noise. I never hear weird noises but if i did i would be scared a little. That and i want to find out what's making it.)
[ ] bee stings (Not the bees ah. Sorry if i made a Wickerman joke. I never have been stung by a bee do wasps count.)
[ ] not accomplishing my dreams/goals (
[ ] blood (Considring i am interested in Mortal Kombat blood is nothing to me.)
[ ] dinosaurs (Since they are extinct it's impossible to fear them. That and they are awesome but i prefer robots and demons more.)
[ ] the welcome mat (What's so scary about a mat.)
[ ] high speed (Speed is what matters to me in games. I find it fun speedrunning i haven't played.)
[ ] throwing up (I don't like throwing up but i am not scared of it.)
[ ] falling in love (Falling in love does sound interesting.)
[ ] super secrets (I can handle a secret.)
total: 2.5

If you wish to post this journal, it's been requested that you title it, "I'm afraid of __ out of 72 fears"

if you get more than 30, I highly suggest counseling
if you get more than 20, you're paranoid
if you get 10-20, you're normal. 
if you get under 10, you're fearless.

Since i got under 10 i have no fear. If i worked on my fears i could be fear itself.
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